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Argentine Tango

Their will be an emphasis on Caminadas (walks) and we will master the basic figure 8 step; we will also cover ochos (crossing/pivoting figure), basic boleos (to throw, keeping knees together, swivel & turn), basic ganchos (hooks), and giros (a turning step), molinete (windmeel).

Salsa Combo Classes

Learning follow and lead technique is emphasized along with the ins and outs of the salsa turn patterns, footwork, and shines. We cover cross-body leads, the copa, and combination patterns… body isolation, cuban motion, and footwork/shines will be taught in open and closed-position.

MORE than just a dance company

Bailando Latin Dance Company is dedicated to heightening awareness and appreciation for the art of dance through education, outreach programs, and public demonstrations. The company’s motto is ‘Building Community Through Dance.’

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